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“We launched Budapest Urban Games in 2014 with our aim to use the city for sports and to support local sporting communities. With this target in mind we organized the first swim across the Danube in Budapest in 2017, between Corvinus University and the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. During the years we realized that a great number of people would swim regularly, but due to a lack of communities, trainings and proper competitions motivation was low. In 2018, we found the #beúszás (#swimin) swim across the Danube community - nearly 200 members today -, and started to organize open water events.”

Sport tourism

For a long time now, sport tourism has not only included group of spectators visiting sports events, as for the past 2 decades marathoners have traveled the world to complete the course in different settings. A similar tourism type is shaping in the bicycle market too, since numerous hobby, amateur and pro competitions are organized worldwide.

Why in Hungary?

Hungary is famous for its aquatic environment and Hungarians are the world’s best swimmers! OWT aims to connect these two potentials, namely: “…know your country by swimming!”

What is this joint?

In the year of the first season, 2021 we organize pro competitions at 3 pilot sites (Balatönfűzfő - Paks - Gyékényes), where: “…there is no march in mud, no avoiding buoys, or accumulated mass of water, only the finish line, the aquatic environment and YOU!”